I received a letter from the Commonwealth Government dated 13-03-2000 informing me that I was to be presented with the "Commonwealth Recognition Award for Senior Citizens" on 2-04-2000. As you can imagine it was a great surprise to me. After confirming as to what it was all about I wrote a letter of acceptance and looked forward to the presentation.

Due to my heart attack on The 20th March, I was unable to attend the presentation ceremony. My friend and fellow Nasho, Mal Baird received it on my behalf.

The wording of the presentation was as follows: -

Alexander Hugh Williams was nominated by the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia. Hugh suffered a heart attack recently and Mr. Mal Baird is accepting the award on his behalf.
We send our best wishes to him and wish him a speedy recovery.

Alexander Hugh Williams is a founding member of the Gold Coast and Districts Sub Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association. He is the inaugural President and a member of the State Management team, editor of the Sub Branch bi-monthly newsletter.

He was appointed the National President of the National Servicemen’s Association in 1998. He is a contributor to Seniors OntheNet. Always community minded, he resigned from a secure position with the Melbourne City Council to serve on the Electricity Commission in Darwin after cyclone Tracy.
Alexander Williams helps any one he is able too.

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