No. 538. Cpl. Ivor Williams
Recovers in the
Caulfield Repatriation Hospital

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Confined to a wheelchair
after the many
on his wounded leg.

There was always a 'mate'
to help out, even when he
had difficulties himself.

Visitor's Day was always a big event. The families would travel
miles to visit their loved ones.

Many wounded soldiers fell in love with the wonderful nurses.
This is where Ivor
met his future wife's sister
(This is not her, look at Lenny)

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Ivor Alexander Williams eventually made a full recovery and lived long enough to raise a family and be very successful in the business world.
He also served in the Pacific in World War Two as a Staff Officer

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Compiled by Hugh Williams

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On the left he is in the front row, fourth from the right holding a coquet stick. Left arm in a sling.
On the right you will see Cpl Ivor Williams (sitting second from the left)recovering from wounds. The British aristocracy used to invite recovering wounded to their Manors for afternoon tea etc.