To whom it may concern,

 I am a researcher at the University of Sydney who is currently conducting a research project on men who carried out National Service between 1951 and 1959.  The research has been funded by a grant from the Army History Unit.  I am looking for participants who might be interested in sharing their stories and experiences with me. 

I was hoping that I might be able to put an ad up on your website to contact potential participants.  I have attached the advertisements, and also a Participant Information Sheet which details what the research is about and what is involved.  Any assistance or advice in contacting people would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks, 

Fiona Gill, Senior Lecturer
Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Rm 133, R.C. Mills Building A26

The University of Sydney

NSW 2006                 

+61 2 9351 6889